In the summer of 2008 I arranged a work placement between semesters with a local design firm. I learned a great deal about the realities of the job compared with what we had been experiencing at university.

The majority of my time at the studio was spent compiling property schedules for the estate agents they had contracts with, this involved basic doctoring of photos and text formatting before making them work in the confines of the different layout templates for each estate agents.

After getting a grounding in this side of the business I was put onto two golf club yearbooks, for which I did the layouts and all of the adverts requiring designs.

As they were pleased with my work, I was given the opportunity to lead in creating the label designs for a new client’s first commercial product. I was provided with an example of the salt grinder and an upmarket colour palette to work from but was otherwise given free reign to experiment. Of the three variations presented to the client, the one pictured here was both the clients and my preferred option.

After my placement ended, the same style of label design was maintained as they expanded their range.